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Over the years, Brault Maxtech has become an essential manufacturing sales representative in the drinking, waste and process water sector for the municipal and industrial markets in Quebec.

Our credibility is recognized as much by our customers as by the manufacturers we represent and is a pledge of confidence for the Quebec market.

Our Manufacturers

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Our Manufacturers
  • Aerzen
  • Amiad
  • Aquafine
  • AWI
  • Böerger
  • Claro
  • Clean Tek Water
  • De Nora
  • Con-V-Air
  • ECO2
  • Evoqua
  • Fournier
  • FRC Systems
  • GEA
  • Huber
  • Hydro International
  • Invent
  • John Cockerill
  • Lamor
  • Membrane Specialists
  • MLM Conveying
  • Moleaer
  • Nefco
  • Parkson
  • Premier Tech
  • Schwing Bioset
  • SSI Aeration
  • Spaans Badcock
  • Suez
  • Trojan UV
  • Valmet