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    Financing & Equity Investment
    In addition to building some of the world's modern marvels, BuildPlus plays an important role in developing and financing projects in the fossil-power
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    We rely on advanced technology to deliver engineering and construction projects to our customers. On any given project in any location
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    Master Planning
    The key to a successful project often depends on what happens in its earliest phase. Before any work commences, there is an idea, a vision.
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    BuildPlus’s supply chain organization provides our customers with global procurement and contracts services that are unsurpassed in the industry.
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    Sustainability solutions
    We have delivered highly complex projects, in some of the most challenging environments, contributing to the evolution of the engineering industry
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    Local capacity development
    BuildPlus brings an optimize-and-maximize approach when beginning work in a particular country, tailoring the approach to local conditions and
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    BuildPlus has the resources and knowledge to undertake just about any job. With projects, people, and offices in more than 40 countries
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    Startup & Operations
    BuildPlus offers startup programs, management and operations, and maintenance support roles for facilities all around the world.
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    Technology licensing & consulting
    Technology drives our business—it speeds schedules, cuts costs, improves productivity, ensures quality, and delivers long-term value for our customers.
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    Projets récents

    Qui sommes-nous?

    Brault Maxtech inc. a établi au courant des années une position inégalée comme agent manufacturier dans le secteur des eaux potables, usées et de procédé pour les marchés municipal et industriel au Québec.
    Cette crédibilité est reconnue autant de nos clients que de nos manufacturiers et est un gage de confiance au niveau du marché québécois.

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